Those who are admitted to the College, should feel proud to be a member of the College. The future of the College depends very much on the discipline, general behaviour and performance of the students themselves. Students must have all the required textbooks soon after admission to the College. Every student must have an identity card, which will be available from the College Office. A duplicate ID Card will be issued after necessary requirements are met. Students’ Handbooks are issued to students at the beginning of every academic year. It contains all the relevant information and guidelines concerning the academic matters.


Attendance in classes is compulsory. A student absenting himself/herself from one or more classes will lose the day’s attendance. Any student who is absent for 10 class days continuously (including Sundays and Saturdays) without prior permission will be considered to have left the College. Readmission may be done after paying necessary dues/fees. No leave will be granted during class hours unless the parent/guardian comes requesting for it personally. Every hour attendance will be taken by the concerned Assistant Professors. Absent even at a single lecture will be counted as absence for the whole day. 80% attendance is required to be allowed to appear for MU examinations. No exemption will be granted. Attendance list will be put up on the notice board of every day. All students are expected to check their attendance and if any discrepancy is found they should get it rectified within two days, Once the final list is made at the end of the year, no request for correction will be entertained. The decision of the Principal shall be final in all matters regarding attendance.

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