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Don Bosco College, Maram, is a minority Catholic Educational Institution established and administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco, a Religious order of the Catholic Church. It offers Honours Degree courses in Arts, Commerce, BCA, BSW and Science streams at the College campus.

This College is a venture of the Salesians of Don Bosco of Dimapur Province. Don Bosco is a world-renowned educator of youth. His system of education known as the Preventive System of Education is based on reason, religion and loving-kindness. It recognizes the vast potentialities latent in one’s faculties of mind, heart and body, and tries to bring out and develop them in a balanced manner. The College takes into account the social and economic dimensions of life. It places before the staff, students and parents the high ideals of humanism and service towards which they are continually invited to strive.


Integral and personalized education of the youth through a blend of faith and culture to become persons of right principles who will strive after excellence in every field and through selfless service bring about social justice.


To achieve this, Don Bosco College will make every effort to help the students:
a. To live and make a harmonious blend of faith and culture.
b. To become men and women of right principles and values.
c. To strive continually after excellence in every field.
d. To be selfless in the service of their fellowmen in order to bring about social justice, and to make education more relevant, practical and useful for life.


We follow the distinctive educational philosophy and method of Don Bosco to equip the young people with all skills needed for their insertion into the world of work.

  • A preferential option for young people who are less privileged.
  • A balanced blending of culture, religion, science, education, technology, professional ethics and integrity of life.
  • A family atmosphere in the campus characterized by the accompanying presence of educators among and with the students.
  • An educative style based on Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.
  • Special attention to the formation of educators.
  • Focus on quality education through promotion of research mentality and use of technology.
  • Empowerment of Tribal Women.


Faith in God

Moral Uprightness
Love of fellow beings

Social Responsibility
Pursuit of Excellence

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