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AICUF (All India Christian University Federation) is a movement of University students who stands for service and liberation of all human persons, as Jesus did, irrespective of caste, gender, language or belief, its aims is to enable students to develop a critical awareness and analysis of the Indian and world situation to cultivate a deep and genuine concern for the oppressed and marginalised and to effectively commit themselves to the task of building new and justice society. The AICUF functions at the national, regional and unit level , like sponsoring school children in their school fees, out reached programmes, street play, clothes distribution to the villages, residential camps, works camps, home stay programmes in Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh and trips to various places.









Staff Coordinator 

Sr. Deepa Mathew FCC

Staff Coordinator 

Sr. Asani

Student Coordinator 

Student Coordinator 

YEAR 2018 – 19

Report (2015-2018)












24-02-15 Formal welcoming of our animator Sir Bijoy Basumatary into our unit. It was carried out in the presence of Sr. Deepa along with 38 members.
20-03-15 AICUF hosted an inter-club skit competition on the theme, “Join hands for the change” with the topic “Social Problem in Maram”.
23-03-15 Election of the new executives for 2015-2016 session.

President- Y. Losii Louis

V. President- Meiphullung

Program Co-coordinator- Sanungba Francis

General Secretary- Junnem Langching

J.Secretary- Vanai TH

Treasure- Ajuanliu

Information Secretary- Eshu Stephen

– Victory T.S





13-04-15 2015 farewell to 6th Semester AICUFers was conducted in the presence of Rev. Fr. K.O. Sebastian, our unit advisor and Sr. Deepa, our State animator.
18-04-15 One Day Meet with Fr. M. Arokiam Kanaga organized by Rev Fr. K.O Sebastian. Miss Lolia represented AICUF and attended the programme.
20-04-15 Distribution of certificates to the outgoing AICUFers who have completed a period of 2-3 years as an AICUF.
01-05-15 Cleaning of the campus by the AICUFers to marked the worker’s day.
19-07-15 One day service to Maram Khullen along with 49 members. The main purpose was to evaluate the students who are sponsored.
20-07-15 Orientation Programme conducted for the new Bosconians to be a part of AICUF was conducted by Sr. Deepa, Sir Bijoy along with the executives.
01-08-15 Orientation Programme at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School to introduce AICUF in the school. It was a new adventure and was successful.
12-08-15 AICUF National Council at Chennai, AICUF have. The meeting was attended by –

     1). Rev. Dr. K.O. Sebastian (State Advisor)

     2). Sr. Deepa (State Animator)

     3). Losii Louis  -President

     4). Junnem Langching -Secretary

24-10-15 1st Annual AICUF State Meet was held. The Senapati AICUfers (25 members) also attended the long awaited programme. It was a grand success as the programme was honoured by the Chief Guest, Sir Paul Hongkung, TA, Senior Marketing Manager.



The AICUFers along with Jesus Youth visited Kerela for the home stay cum Cultural Exchange Program. They were accompanied by Sr. Deepa, the AICUF State Animator, Miss Anila (JY Full timer)











Felicitation cum parents meet was conducted at Maram Khullen along with 41 AICUFers.
28-02-16 AICUF cloth distribution in Mercy Home Centre, Churachandpur. The trip was accompanied by Sr. Deepa along with 11 members.
26-04-16 Farewell for 6th semester AICUFers, 2016 in the presence of Rev. Fr. Dr. K.O Sebastian.
01-05-16     One day visit to Maram Khullen with the prime interest to pay the tuition fees for the 6 students studying at St. John Paul II, School.
23-07-16 Visit to Maram Khullen including the sponsorers and excutive.
25-07-16 Inaugural function for the new session.
13-08-16 Trip to Dzuko Valley along with Fr. Principal, Sir Athisu (Che Dept.) Miss Sweety, JY Full timer, Sr. Deepa and 72 AICUFers.
20-08-16 Social Work organized with the college campus along with the Nature Club under the theme, “Neat Around, clean surround be our keen behind”.
04-09-16 New sponsorers with the executives and state animator Sr. Deepa went to Maram Khullen.
10-09-16 Social work in the college campus to make the campus go green.
08-10-16 Visit to Senapati DBHSS to discussed on the upcoming 2nd Annual AICUF State Meet.
10-10-16 2nd Annual AICUF State Meet held in college campus. 26 students from Senapati and 72 students from Maram unit under the theme “Youth towards a better world”
08-11-16 Mr. Clement and Souzii Joseph went to attend the AICUF National meeting at St. Joseph, Bangalore (Lalbagh)



Some AICUFers along with JY went to Kerela for cultural exchange program.






05-02-17 Visit to Maram Khullen along with Fr. Principal, Sr. Deepa and AICUFers for a short felicitation and cloth distribution.
13-02-17 The AICUFers joined the street play competition organized by NSS under the theme, “Youth and Social responsibility”.
28-03-17 AICUFers elected new executives:

President- Souzii Joseph

V. President- Canna

General Secretary- Kajangailu Faustina Kamei

J. Secretary- Hoideiniang

P. Coordinator- SK Clement

Finance- Chanmaiyo

Info. Secretary- Chinania

Sponsor Incharge- Richard

National Team- Angningiuar

National Council- Elia



19-04-17 Farewell program for the 3rd years was conducted cum distribution of certificates.
01-08-17 AICUF Orientation for fresher’s was conducted in college Auditorium. 
28-08-17 Social Work in the College Campus.
                         28-10-17 Social work in College Campus attended by 40 AICUFers.
13-11-17 Leadership Training program held in Siloam Shillong was attended by 8 AICUFers.


04-02-18 Visit to Maram Khullen by the AICUFers for the short felicitation program for the sponsored students cum cloth distribution.


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The All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) is a movement of University students who stand for service and liberation of all human persons, as Jesus did, irrespective of caste, gender, language or belief. Its aim is to enable students to develop a critical awareness and analysis of the Indian and world situation to cultivate a deep and genuine concern for the oppressed and marginalized and to effectively commit themselves to the task of building a new and just society. The AICUF functions at the national, state, regional and unit levels.

          The following are the various activities carried out by the unit at the college:


          Inaugural function was held on 12th April 2017 after the new election of the new executives. The programme was graced by Rev. Fr. Dr.(KO) Sebastian, the principal and the state advisor of AICUF. Orientation Programme was also taken up by the new executives.


          As per the yearly plan which was laid down in the beginning, the AICUFers carried out cleanliness drive twice. The first cleanliness drive was carried on 26th Aug 2017. On this day the AICUFers undertook different cleaning activities in different corners of the college. The second cleanliness drive was carried on 08th Oct 2017 in preparation for the inaugural function of the multipurpose auditorium. The group carried out different works like beautification of the college garden, reparation of roads and looked into the cleanliness of the college campus.


          AICUFers secured first position took part in the Inter-Club Patriotic dance Competition, which was organized by NSS in connection with India’s 61st  independence day celebration, which was held on 13th Aug 2017 in the college.


The club was represented by 8 members from our college and particularly from the AICUF at Siloam, Unium in shillong for the leadership programme. Delegates were called from different parts of North East with strength of 89 members. The members were divided into four groups, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. A total of 21 priests attended the programme (as a resource person)  they had a wonderful time and learned many facts of life and inculcated the real meaning of true leadership.


22 AICUFers together with animator, Sr. Deepa and Sr. Flory went to Kerala for Home Stay Cum Cultural Exchange programme which was co-ordinated by Fr. Cyriac Kocheri. They stayed in eight families of Kuravilangadu parish under pala diocese for six days. The Aicufers also participated in a youth programme of Kuravilangadu one of the ancient churches of kerala. The Aicufers had pilgrimage to Malayatoor( St.Thomas mount), St.Mary’s church Vallarpadam , St.Alphosa’s tomb Bharananganam  etc.They had many new experiences during their stay and visits.


          On 04th Feb 2018, A group of AICUFers consisting of 86 AICUFers paid a visit to Maram Khullen to felicitate the sponsored students which was done under the programme (SSS). The AICUFers were warmly welcomed by the villagers and were given the highest hospitality. Thereafter, the AICUFers joined the Holy Mass along with the villagers, celebrated by Rev. Fr. Dr(KO) Sebastian. After the Holy Eucharist, the Felicitation programme was carried on.

          Sponsorship in-charge, Mr. Richard (dept. of economics) gave an opening talk to the parents and introduced the various executives of the club. The state advisor also gave an inspirational talk on the theme helping the needy, in his talk; he quoted a beautiful line, which reads, “ A sentiment for the poor is a direct passport to heaven”- Don Bosco. He also personally thank the AICUFers for their service for the poor and sacrificing their pocket money for the sake of the needy. He further stated to continue helping the needy because , ‘helping the poor is never a loss’, he remarked.

          On behalf of the sponsored student, Elizabeth, pronounced words of thanksgiving to the AICUFers for their efforts and sacrificing their pocket money. She also remarked a heart touching statement, “Thank you for helping us in continuing our studies”. This touched the hearts of the AICUFers, and they also assured them of continuing the programme of SSS in the coming years.

          Moreover, the AICUFers appreciated the students who achieved academic excellence and awarded with small gifts as a sign of encouragement. Thereafter the parent prepared a delicious lunch for the AICUFers. The AICUFers had a sumptuous lunch with great joy along with the parents and student. After the lunch, the AICUFers went around for sightseeing and then left for their destiny by late noon.


          A number of 10 students from St. John Paul II High school Maram Khullen, 12 students from DBHSS Maram, 4 students from St. Joseph High School, Sajouba and 1 student from DBHSS (arts and commerce Maram) were financially helped in their school fees by 99 students and 2 Assistant Prof. under the initiative of AICUF (DBC Maram).

AICUF  National summer exposure camp,2018

Three Students from AICUF Don Bosco College Maram  alongwith Rev.Sr Deepa, the State Animator attended the AICUF National Exposure training programme in Bagaicha, Ranchi, Jharkhand from 28th May to 4th June,2018 with the theme ,”Youth advocacy towards challenges faced by the indegeneous”. There were altogether 53 students who attended the camp from different states of the country out of which 2 students were from Bangladesh.

The inaugural function was graced by the presence of Rev.Fr.Joseph SJ,the Provincial of Ranchi Province who motivated and enlightened the Trainees to be a catalyst of change.

The co­­­ordinating committees of the camp were:

  1. Rev.Fr.Emmanuel SJ, the national advisor
  2. Rev.Fr.Vinod Bilung SJ,State advisor ,Jharkhand
  3. Alban,the national full timer
  4. Jenny, state full timer, Jharkhand.

Technical sessions on different topics like problems of the indegeneous to  be solved through advocacy,various rights to solve the problems of the marginalised etc. were held by different resource persons of which most of them are law practitioners. The students got the opportunity to attend the sessions on different topics which gave them new insights and knowledge.

Village exposure was also held as apart of the caqmp on 1st and 2nd june where the trainees were assigned to different villages to experience the life,culture and to find out the problems faced by the tribals.It was a great experience.

A campaign was also organised based on two themes; i.e, campaign against sexual  harassment  and conservation of water which was held in Doranda market and Namkum bazar respectively. This campaign was conducted on 3rd June to spread awareness among the people about the issues and to instil in the hearts and minds of the people the need to cope with the problems.

Besides the sessions , exposure training ,campaign etc there were group activities ,discussions cultural programmes etc. During the cultural programmes the participants and also the local people showed their rich and colourful traditions.

The camp was successfully concluded on 4th June 2018.Just before the conclusion each state was asked to frame and submit their action plan for the year 2018, where the Manipur team submitted and resolve to take up the activities as follows:

  1. Leadership Training
  2. Extension of AICUF
  3. Cleanliness Drive
  4. Capacity building
  5. Cloth distribution
  6. Sponsorship.

The programme was concluded with a final blessing by Rev.Fr.Emmanuel SJ,the national advisor.

Names of the participants from Manipur AICUF:

  1. Sr. Deepa, the state animator
  2. Chanmayo Ngasainao The Ex-officio member
  3. KS Martin , Unit President
  4. Laishram Babina,the National Team Member

Indeed every moment spent in the camp was a great delight and  a wonderful experience .It was a rare opportunity for all who attended such an enriching programme with wonderful memories and experiences .The camp has great impact on the life of all the trainees to become men and wome n of the humanity with values of love , peace and justice.

Special thanks to the state advisor Rev.Fr.Dr.KO Sebastian and Rev.Sr.Deepa,the state animator for their constant support and giving us the opportunity to attend such an enriching programme.



  • October 21 to 23rd, DBC – Maram: AICUF 2nd State level meet had the theme ‘Youth Towards A Better World’. The chief guest of the meet was Rev. Fr. Jacob (Principal of St. Xavier School, Makhan). Don Bosco College students participated actively for those three days from 21st to 23rd of October. There were a lot of speeches, group discussions and competition to keep alive the students.


  • It is heart rending to see how the AICUF students reaching out to the unreached underprivileged students of Maran Khullen village. 14 students are sponsored for their schools fees by the voluntary contribution by the AICUFERS. They sacrifice their pocket money to pay the fees of the students.
  • The first annual AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation) State meet in Manipur was held in Don Bosco College Auditorium, Maram on 24th, the theme was ‘Excelling in Goodness and Commitment’.