Those who are admitted to the College, should feel proud to be a member of the College. The future of the College depends very much on the discipline, general behaviour and performance of the students themselves. Students must have all the required textbooks soon after admission to the College. Every student must have an identity card, which will be available from the College Office. A duplicate ID Card will be issued after necessary requirements are met. Students’ Handbooks are issued to students at the beginning of every academic year. It contains all the relevant information and guidelines concerning the academic matters.


Attendance in classes is compulsory. A student absenting himself/herself from one or more classes will lose the day’s attendance. Any student who is absent for 10 class days continuously (including Sundays and Saturdays) without prior permission will be considered to have left the College. Readmission may be done after paying necessary dues/fees. No leave will be granted during class hours unless the parent/guardian comes requesting for it personally. Every hour attendance will be taken by the concerned Assistant Professors. Absent even at a single lecture will be counted as absence for the whole day. 80% attendance is required to be allowed to appear for MU examinations. No exemption will be granted. Attendance list will be put up on the notice board of every day. All students are expected to check their attendance and if any discrepancy is found they should get it rectified within two days, Once the final list is made at the end of the year, no request for correction will be entertained. The decision of the Principal shall be final in all matters regarding attendance.

Classroom Behaviour

Deeply committed to upholding value system, it expects students to conduct themselves in a worthy manner in their dress, demeanor and sense of discipline. They must respect their Professors, greeting them when they meet them in or out of the college campus. They must rise when the Professor enters the classroom; remain standing till they are directed to sit, or till Professor takes his/her seat. When the attendance roll is called, each one must rise and answer to his/her name or register number

Students should be seated in their respective Lecture Halls at the stroke of the bell. Students are not to loiter about in the corridors or make any disturbance. Students are expected to make use of the library during free periods.

Students who bunk classes (absent themselves from one or more lectures without permission) will lose attendance for the day.

Names of bunkers will be posted on the notice board on the following day and clarification, if any, should be made on the same day. Repeated bunkers will be asked to discontinue from the College or they may be detained in the selection exam.

Students may not leave the classroom without permission or until the lecturer has left the room or asked the class disperse.

Proper class room behaviour is expected from all. Eating , chewing, littering of rubbish, spitting, writing on the desks ,wall, black boards, etc. are strictly forbidden. Damage caused to walls, desks, benches, etc. through spitting, writing, drawing, etc. shall be made good through collective fines.

Any disrespect shown to lecturer in the class or outside shall result in immediate expulsion from the College.

Students who leave classrooms should get a leave-slip from the teacher. Students who leave class rooms without permission are admitted to the class only after obtaining permission from the Principal/Vice Principal.

Rules and Regulations

Every Bosconian is perceived as a person endowed with a unique character and personality which must be moulded and perfected. The College with its various curricular activities help the student to achieve this goal and the student is expected to render his/her full cooperation in this endeavour. He/she is expected to uphold the values and ideals of the institution always. In particular:

  1. He/She Should apply himself/herself to regular and systematic study.
  2. He/She is expected to be truthful in his/her words and deeds, courteous and respectful towards fellow student, Teachers and those in authority.
  3. His/Her life should be marked out by purity of life, quest for excellence, love and hard work, spirit of unselfish service, and devotion to God and one’s country.

The task of education necessarily calls for structures, which are essential for maintaining discipline in the individual’s life as well as in the campus. Discipline must be seen as part of educational process and not perceived as something negative. It helps the students to develop self-discipline, Which is absolutely essential for a successful life. Therefore, Don Bosco College requires from all its students that they adhere completely to all the rules and regulations of the College, which are intended to the benefit of the individual student as well as the institution. By Taking admission in the College every student agrees to abide totally by the following rules and regulations and any other rules that may be framed in the future for the effective fulfillment of the mission and objectives of the College:

General Norms:

  1. Students must be present on the re-opening day after every vacation and on the last day before every vacation, major or minor. those who fail to do so shall pay a fine.
  2. Students may not leave the College campus during lecture hours without the permission of the Principal/Vice Principals. When such leave is granted a leave-slip will be issued to the student. Students are required to present the leave slip to the College office before leaving the College
  3. Students are forbidden to attend or organize any meeting in the College without the express permission of the Principal.
  4. Student are not allowed to collect money or raise funds for any purpose in the name of the College with out the express permission of the Principal. Student are not allowed to address any authority as a body. Such combined action is subversive of good order. Student may not address public meetings, take part in the inter-College Competitions, participate in live/Photographic modeling, Fashion shows, Stage shows, Talk shows or Television program using the name of the College or in the name of the College without prior permission from the Principal.
  5. No matter for publication in Newpapers, Magazines, or Journals other than that published by the College may be submitted in the name of the College by students without the permission of the Principal.
  6. Possession and use of addictive substances like, tobacco, supari, pan, etc. is completely forbidden on the College campus. Students who violate this rule will invite a fine, suspension and even expulsion.
  1. English is the common language in the College campus. Use of other languages in the campus will invite a fine.
  2. Ragging of any kind and magnitude inside/outside the college campus will lead to immediate dismissal from the college.
  3. Any noisy celebrations on the last day of class inside or outside the class room are strictly forbidden. On no account shall any one go to other classes or disturb students or Teachers.
  4. Harassment of female students of any kind and magnitude will lead to immediate dismissal from the College.
  5. Causing damage to College/public property shall lead to fines, suspension or dismissal from the College.
  6. All extra-curricular activities of the College will be held on Saturdays. Students are expected to take part in them without fail.
  7. Students must have all the required text books within two weeks following admission to the College
  8. Student should be ready to undergo medical test by a Doctor, as and when directed by the Principal.
  9. The decision of the Principal shall be final in all the matters of discipline and enforcement of rules. Students are admitted on the clear understanding that they will observe the rules of the college and accept the authority of the Principal/Vice-Principals.

The College will not allow any fashion and fashionable hair style both for boys and girls.

Use of mobile phones by students in the campus is prohibited. Once phones have been taken away they will not be returned. The institution offer PCO facility for the benefit of the students

They are expected to be courteous and considerate towards others and maintain a high standard of personal behaviour.

No misdemeanour or indiscipline will be tolerated. Erring students will be punished with fine / suspension / or any other suitable penalty.


If a student wishes to take Transfer Certificate during the year one has to clear all fees of the installment period and if the TC is applied after three months, then the entire fees of the year will have to be cleared. A fee of Rs. 100/- will also have to be paid for Transfer Certificate and Rs. 50/- each for other certificates (Reading Certificate, Proof of Identity, Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate, Provisional Certificate, etc). For TC, a form has to be filled up. Transfer Certificate can be requested for only by the candidate along with the parents or parent themselves. The request for certificates must be made one day early. No certificate will be handed over to anyone else other than the candidate, parents or one who produces any original certificate of the candidate. Any certificate issued from the office is charged.

Application for admission, examination and registration are valid only when they are accepted by the University.