Activities of 2018 – 19

1. Department Seminar
Seminar (students presenting paper) is one of the important activities to develop the personality of the students and to built confidence in academic concerns. It is a little step to enrich the higher stage. There are 2 periods each for 2 days in a week for seminar. The students in different topics are regularly taking up the seminars. Sometimes the students do conduct the seminar not only which are in the university syllabus but also beyond the university syllabus.

2. Study tour

The department of economics along with three faculty menbers and 26 students went for educational tour in Manali, Delhi and chandigrah on 18 of december 2018. The tour was a delightful experence to the students. It was the opportunity to get a business exposure and learn about tourism manangement in India.

3. Diary from the faculty Members

All the faculty members participated national Seminars, workshop and refresher course of various kind. Faculties have qualified NET, one got doctorate and one is pursuing Ph.D. Time to time we are presenting papers in saminars and publications are made in reputed academic journels. In the acadamic year 2018-19, Dr. Huidrom Imobi have published two papers and also presented two papers in different national seminars. Mr. Ramtharthanglen also presented paper in the National Seminar organised by Department of political science, Don Bosco College, Maram

4. Field Study Survey

The students of economics conducted Survey on 23rd of Feb. 2019 at different enterprises in Imphal. They conduct survey at Classic Hotel, Avian Enterprises Loitang Khunou, poultary and Bio-fertilizer plantation at Langei, Imphal West and Private Hospital. They learnt the financial management and working of the enterprises from the survey. About 500 people are engange in the Avian House.



The students of Economics were divided into groups like Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Karl Marx to have various activities on every Friday of the week. They have debate, advertisement, solo, storytelling, extempore speech, quiz, spelling bee etc. All the students were given equal opportunities to join in all the activities.


December 19th to 22nd: The 19 students of Economics department went for the educational tour to Pokhara and Kathmandu (Nepal) under the guidance of Mr. Kamal Regmi. They visited Fewa lake, Bats cave, Devil’s falll, Narayanhiti palace, Swayambunath and Manakamana temple.

March 17th: The 58 students and four assistant professors of economics department had the privilege to visit Numaligarh oil refinery limited. They managed to go around the control room, gas cylinder storage and the wax plant.


The economics students conducted a survey on the topic ‘work participation among various tribes in Manipur’. There are 87 tribes in the college, out of which students choose 30 major tribes and did the survey. The result of the survey was:

  • There are six to seven members in the family
  • The 70% of the population engaged in agriculture and employed domestically.
  • The income of the house hold is less than one lakh per annum.
  • The income is not sufficient and regular as a result there is no saving from the income.
  • The civil servants are handful in the state.
  • The state of Manipur is still back – ward in economic growth and development while unemployment lingers on in every household.
  • Eradication of poverty is one of the key issues that we need to examine today and we need to look for solutions as the future enonomists.