24th – 31st August 2018 RURAL CAMP AT TOBUMAI VILLAGE 

On 24th August 2018, the campers kick off at 11:45am and reached the destination at 12:55pm while the villagers gladly welcome to all the campers which they give a good cooperation for the campers to stay happily. On the arriving day the campers along the villagers and two Assistant Professors had an inaugural programme.

It was on 25th August 2018 the campers along with the villagers as well as with the environment team had a Swatch Bharat. It was begun from the centre of the village. After which the tree plantation and making park was created in the village along with the Environmental Support Team. While on the 3rd day 26th August 2018 the campers had the commemoration programmed for the father that is Fr.K.O Sebastian, the principal of Don Bosco college, Maram. Along with fathers the campers had a tree plantation near the Community Hall as the memorial of the campers.

On 24th August 2018 the campers carried out PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) along with the villagers. The campers were divided into five groups. While the PRA start at 10:00 am, the villagers gave a good cooperation for the campers, it was a successful activity carried out along with the villagers. The next day the campers had a field experience, the campers were divided into two groups in order to go to different parts .The campers kick off for the field experience at 10:00 am, the campers experience weeding in the fields and so many others things. The campers went to different field and different owner which the campers help and also learn and experience.

On August 29th 2018 the campers gave soft skills at St. Joseph’s High school, Shajouba which is under the Senapati District Manipur. The campers gave a soft skill on different topics like career guidance, public speak, 20 step to success, communication etc. While in the evening we had a valedictory programme along with the villagers. The chief guest was Mr. Kaisunbuo MPS, SDPO Mao, the programme went on successfully. The two merits students (TJHS) were chosen in order to help them as well as the villagers.

The campers had a wonderful time being together with the villagers where they learn so many things and also experience the inexperience things. Among the campers also gave a good cooperation while all the campers feel happy and excited throughout the weeks. The campers came back to its own place at 1:00 pm.

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The third semester of social work department conducted their 25 days of field work placement in Nagaland. The group was divided into ten teams: Eden Garden, Khuzama, Shalom, Chumukedima Dimapur, Dreamers Education Foundation, Chumukedima Dimapur, Bethesda, New Market Dimapur, Bethesda, Duncan Dimapur, Joseph’s Children Home, Burma Camp Dimapur, Social Reformation Upliftment Society, Burma Camp Dimapur, Prodigal Home, City tower, Dimapur, Indigeneous Cultural Society, City tower Dimapur, Bosco Social Service Society, DBC Maram.

The fifth semester students conducted 25 days of field work placement in different parts of North east India. There were divided into seven groups: Society for social Transformation and Enviroment Protection(STEP), Guwahati, Centre for Development Initiatives (CDI) Azara Guwahati, Indo Globalon Social Service Society (IGSSS), Bongaigaon, Masonie Foundation, Meghalaya, World Visit on India, Shillong, Zoram Entu Paawl (ZEP), Aizawl Mizoram, Peace Home, Aizawl Mizoram, Auilium Reachout, Guwahati, Tezpur social service society, Tezpur.


  1. International seminar on ‘North East India and discrimination in the land of their own land: an identity in conflict and chaos’. Don Bosco College student, Mr. Asahrii Clement K presented a paper on the topic – “North East India: In search of identity”.
  2. International seminar on ‘North East India and discrimination in the land of their own land: an identity in conflict and chaos’. Don Bosco College student, Mr. Manta Wangsu presented a paper on the topic – “North East India: An identity in risk”.


July 16th: Free Mega Medical Camp was organized by the Don Bosco College in association with Shija Hospital, Imphal. The local people and the college students benefited very much out of this camp. The department of social work played as an agent in contacting the doctors, nurses and assistants. The team consisted of general surgery, general medicine, ENT, obstetrics and gynaecology, pediatrics, dental and opththalmology. There were around 492 patients attended the camp and free ultra sound screenings were also provided during the camp.


October 12th to 14th: The first semester students of social work had orientation visit to district of Senapati. The team visited totally five organization:

  • Manipur North Economic Develoment Association (MANEDA)
  • Senapati District Youth Council (SDYC)
  • Children Compassion Ministry (CCM)
  • Apex Cluster Community (ACCORD)
  • Maria Bianchi

These organizations have different area of work. This visit made the student to understand the field and scope of social work profession.

April 4th to 7th: The second semester batch carried out the orientation visit to Chandel. The assistant professors accompanied the students and they visited the organisation as follows:

  • Christian Social Development Organisation (CSDO)
  • Longpi Rural Development Organisation (LORDORG)
  • Anallon Christian Development Committee (ACDC)
  • Rural Education Action for Change, Manipur (REACH -M)
  • Chandel Network for Positive People (CNP)


October 24th: A one day round table conference on “existing commercial system and emergence of local entrepreneurship: with special reference to Maram Khullen Circle area”. The chief guest of the day was Mr. Adani Peter, Manager of Hornbill Express. The head of the department Mr. Lokho Athisu presented a paper on ‘existing commercial system with special reference in Maram Khullen Circle area’ and Mr. Bijoy KR Bosumatary, asst. professor of the department presented a paper on ’emergence of local entrepreneurship in Maram Khullen circle area’. The conference hall was filled with a lot of local village leaders, youth leaders, students leaders, social workers, public workers, woman leaders students and assistant professors. It was conclude with many finding and discussions.


December 23rd to 30th: The five students namely Hingba Alex, Hingba James, Victory TS, Risusinliu Gonmei and Shiraine V participated in the international winter camp at Institute of Gandhian studies Wardha, Maharashtra. The participants got opportunity to interact with many prominent personalities. The main highlight of the camp were to discuss and present on the life and method of Mahatma Gandhi, Peace and conflict transformation, techniques and skills to disseminate peace in the society and finally ended by visiting Gandhian shrines.


April 18th to 25th: The fourth semester students of social work conducted a week long Rural Camp at Oinam Hill Village. There were 31 students accompanied by the professors Mr. Lokho Athishu and Mr. Bijoy KR Bosumatary of the department. Some of the activities during the camp were:

  • Weeding of trees saplings along the village road by the trainees.
  • Helping out to some of the villagers field in cleaning up the field.
  • Cleanliness drive in commemoration of the world earth day on 22nd April
  • Soft skill programmes and interaction with the two school in the village.
  • Teachers Orientation programme by the assistant professors.
  • Silent Procession on 23rd April to pay homage to the Martyrs and victims of the Bluebird Operation 1987.
  • Formation of the children parliament in Oinam hill village.