Semester I MSO 101 Classical Sociological Thought MSO 102 Indian Sociological Thought MSO 103 Sociology of Gender: Concept and Theory MSO 104 Sociology of Social Movements Semester II MSO 201 Contemporary Sociological Theories – 1 MSO 202 Fundamentals of Social Research (N) MSO 203 Sociology of Religion MSO 204 Social Stratification: Concepts and Theories Semester III MSO 301 Contemporary Sociological Theories – II MSO 302 Methods and Methodology in Social Research MSO 303 Sociology of Family and Kinship MSO 304 A/B Optional – 1 Semester IV MSO 401 Sociology of North East Region in India MSO 402 Sociology of Development MSO 403 Culture and Society MSO 404 A/B Optional – II Note : Student may offer any one of them in both optional 1 and optional 2 of 3rd and 4thSemester. Optional 1 MSO 304 A Political Sociology MSO 304 B Industrial Sociology Optional 2 MSO 404 A Population and Society MSO 404 B Rural and Urban Society in India