Semester I
ENG 101 Poetry from the Beginnings to
ENG 102 Drama: Shakespeare and His
ENG 103 17th Century Literature
ENG 104 Introduction to Linguistics and ELT

Semester II
ENG 201 18th Century Poetry, Drama & Prose
ENG 202 18th & 19th Century Fiction & Prose
ENG 203 Poetry: 19th Century
ENG 204 Introduction to English Linguistics
and ELT II

Semester III
ENG 301 20th Century Poetry
ENG 302 20th Century Drama & Fiction
ENG 303 Western Criticism
ENG 304 Specialized Paper

Semester IV
ENG 401 European Literature
ENG 402 Literary Theory
ENG 403 Women’s Literature
ENG 404 Specialized Paper
Students & American Literature
Commonwealth/Post-colonial Literature