Counseling Centre

Counseling is “empowering a person to face the realities of life”.

The three principles of counseling are:

(a) the teachers are the agents of rescripting,

(b) The touch of significance generates significance, and

(c) Energy follows thoughts.

The Counseling centre of Don Bosco College takes care of the students who need special attention. Dr. Sebastian KO and Fr. Sebastian Joe (Rector) are at the college daily available for students in need.

Besides, every year one of the staff is sent for training in counseling skills organised by Xavier Board of Higher Education.

Other part time Counselors are:

Counselor I : Ms. Mary Pungruila 

Counselor II : Sr. Leelaman CCV

Counselor III : Sr. Teresa FMA

Counselor IV : Fr. Roy

Counselor V : Mrs. Alphonsa 

Counselor VI : Ms. Sangita