Students Welfare

The goals and objectives of the institution so demand that there be a strong and resourceful student welfare committee. The co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities are so designed that they augment a tacit principle of the architects of the institution that campus time should be quality time. Several factors contribute to the development of student welfare and the sustenance of their quality.

The institution has several welfare schemes for students other than the financial aid from the central government, state government and other external agencies. Loan facilities, free ships, uniforms, text books and other study materials and hostel accommodations are the important welfare schemes for deserving students.

Mentoring is done by all teachers depending on his/her ability and the requirement of the students. It addresses specific issues, skill honing, resource mobilization and challenges the students to move beyond their comfort zone. The principal ensures that all faculty members are involved in one capacity or the other in student activities or their welfare.