The Managing Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of the immediate and ordinary administration and management of the affairs of the college in keeping with the nature and purpose of the institution and following the service rules approved by the Governing Body.


1. Fr. Sebastian Jose President
2. Fr. (Dr.) K.O. Sebastian Secretary
3. Fr. Joseph Thottappallil Financial Administrator
4. Fr. Sunny Minj Hostel Warder
5. Sr. Flora Flueswari Kujur Vice Principal
6. Fr. K.S. Joseph Parish Priest
7. Shri. John Hingba Local Representative
8. Mr. Lugailin Gangmei Staff Representative


  • The meeting will be held at least twice a year.


The objectives of management are:

  1. To look in to all matters of college administration.
  2. To approve institutions new programmes.
  3. To approve the scholarships, fellowships, studentships, medals, prizes and certificates of the recommendations of the Academic Council