Academic Council

The Academic Council shall primarily be concerned with all the academic affairs of the college, encompassing academic staff, academic planning, instructional issues, students, co-curricular activities and so on. It is the responsibility of Academic Council to endeavor and ensure the best practices are implemented and standards are maintained.





  • The term of the nominated members shall be two years.


  • The principal shall convene a meeting of the Academic Council at least once a year.


  • The objectives of academic council are:
  1. To frame and revise the curriculum of every academic program of the college (As per norms).
  2. To arrange teaching requirements for completing academic programs.
  3. To plan and execute the overall academic growth of the college.
  4. To make arrangements for conducting examinations, as required.
  5. To promote research activity within the college.
  6. To appoint audit committee periodically, in order to review all the Institute academic activities, including the curricula, academic rules and regulations. And consequently acting on its recommendations after due consideration.
  7. To facilitate the co-curricular activities for the students.
  8. To encourage students with awards, scholarships and prizes and so on.

9. To motivate and guide students in order to utilize the placement and training activities.